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Best Places to Travel in 2017


Just as every couple is different, each couple has different ideas of what makes up their list of best places to travel in 2017. The honeymoon is a tradition that can lead to some beautiful memories for a newly married couple, but before those memories can be made, you, of course, must decide where to go. If you find yourself lost for ideas for where to go on your honeymoon, the best idea for brainstorming is to look at the top honeymoon destinations for other couples.

While there are plenty of Caribbean destinations for your honeymoon, Aruba is one of the top honeymoon destinations due to its unique climate. Despite its location, the climate of Aruba is relatively arid, and it exists outside the path that most hurricanes take when they’re in season. Because of this, travelers are almost guaranteed that they’ll have a great honeymoon without a chance of getting rained out. With such a guarantee, it’s no wonder that Aruba is one of the world’s top honeymoon destinations.

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For those who want to celebrate their honeymoon in Europe, many of the top honeymoon destinations are in Italy, and for good reason. With a rich history that goes back thousands of years, cities like Rome still have an ancient architecture in place, providing sightseers with plenty to view. Other cities, such as Venice, provide beautiful, romantic canal rides that are perfect to celebrate a honeymoon. And of course, it goes without saying that the wine and food you’ll get in Italy will be wonderful, making this a great place for your honeymoon!

If you’re looking for top honeymoon destinations that are closer to home, consider Florida for your honeymoon. While it’s not quite as tropical as Hawaii, its location on the mainland makes it easy to get to, and there are still plenty of beaches and attractions to go to. Whether you go for relaxation in the Florida Keys or Cocoa Beach, there are plenty of places where you can get to the ocean. And if you don’t mind being around families, there’s always the theme parks of Orlando for the young at heart. So, if you want a great vacation without having to get a passport, look no further than sunny Florida. But no matter where you decide to go, whether in the country or not, whether you go for sun and sand or for history and culture, these three top honeymoon destinations are great places to look at when you start your search for where you and your spouse want to go.

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Electrical Fires Causing Irreparable Damage To Historical Architecture

Electrical Fires

There’s no doubt in my mind that I am purely blessed to be an architect in England at this time of my life. Throughout my career I have worked in many exotic places such as Africa, India, Greece and many other parts of Europe, but still I am always drawn back to Britain – which my be surprising given my American-Indian heritage.

The biggest draw for me is the historical architecture that blankets these parts – be it the small antiquated hamlets of the country, or the big smoke of good ol’ London.

However, a recent trend has began to disturb me and cause a stir amongst our community here, and that is the old and out-dated electrical wiring of these great buildings causing much fire damage and ultimately destroying our heritage.


It is my opinion that the main cause of these electrical fires is large banks and companies buying up our great buildings and locating their offices there – which in itself is fine, however many companies do not maintain their electrical equipment like computers, printers etc. which is where the problem begins.

While many people do not take their electric bills very seriously, the truth is that the bills for facilities can quickly pile up, especially if the company’s in these buildings are using devices such as computers, which are often at work for many hours in a day. It is then when shortcuts in maintenance begin to occur.

In fact, a lot of this electricity actually comes from improperly maintained devices and appliances, that a London electrician could quickly fix. A friend of mine who operates his printing business from a 50 year old building in Camden used these guys who were very reasonably priced he tells me, and made sure all his appliances were in tip top condition.

But any professional electrician in Greater London or surrounding areas can help decrease your electric usage by as much as 80% depending on the results of your portable appliance test (PAT). And more importantly, ensure that your network of PCs doesn’t burn down one of our great architectural accomplishments.

I’ve done my research, and most appliances tend to deteriorate over time thanks to age as well as the wear and tear of daily use. Proper and regular PAT testing checks the energy consumption of various devices and checks if there are any abnormalities in the electrical flow. Any problems may become an electrical or fire hazard and cause shock and burns if left untreated.

On top of that, the devices are often not efficient in their energy usage and push your bills sky high.

I don’t mean to pick on business owners, there are many irresponsible home owners too that decide to take residence in our listed architectural buildings who need to regularly subject their electrical goods to rigorous testing standards from companies like AC Test Pat Testing that will give your gadgets the once over.

Protecting our architecture aside, the safety of your business, home and family is at stake. Visit homepage for more.…

Fitness and Health Food Building Design

fitness exercise

I left America about six weeks ago to fly to England. Being an architect and a lover of history I thought being here would be a wonderful opportunity to see some beautiful European and medieval architecture. All of my life I was only ever able to see any of it through movie depictions, television programs or in magazines. Now that I have been through a majority of this country, I can honestly say that none of it has disappointed me. In fact, the only thing that I have found disappointing is that in America there is very little to compare to what is here. I realize that the history of America is much younger than in Europe, but it’s still a shame.

Wandering the streets of towns and cities I can’t help but compare the architecture and everything else here to that of the U.S. I feel rather partial to the narrow streets and businesses all set up and operating through the day. It makes me think of what Napoleon Bonaparte said about this country, “England is a nation of shopkeepers.” Although many might disagree with that statement, I personally think he might have been right. But I say that in a flattering way and not to degrade. Quite honestly, I often wish that I had been born in Europe rather than the States.

I have a friend back home who is a bit of a health fanatic. He runs his own small health food chain geared around the best creatine supplements on the market. He is a bit obsessive about his buildings and he asked me to take special notice to the difference between the gyms and health food stores in America and here in England. Of course, I would prefer to look at it from an architect’s point of view instead.


The first difference I can see is the locations in where the fitness centers and health food stores are placed. The ones that I know in America are not usually built in the most convenient locations but rather a little out of the way. Here in England I can see them on very busy streets where people tend to flock throughout the day. They seem more accessible to walk to than the ones back home. In America, the fitness centers are more horizontally centered but here in England they aren’t as wide and have more floors to them. The actual architecture here is more interesting than back in America. The ones I’ve seen actually look like small palaces with a royalty feel. The American fitness centers often have a very boring supermarket touch and look to them from the outside. Internally, the British fitness centers gave me a more home feel. In America you don’t feel like you’re at home at all but actually in a gym.

As for the health food stores, I really haven’t found too much of a difference. There are unique looking health food stores in both countries but it really boils down the cultural background of the individual who is running the business. It seems like a lot of the better workout supplements are getting sold from home these days, so it was actually kind of tough to find a bunch of health food stores to compare for him. It’s just like restaurants in that regard. Overall, I couldn’t really choose which style I would choose over another.…

Troubleshooting Your Amarillo Garden


If you think gardening is just a walk in the park, then you’re quite mistaken. It’s not as simple as one-two-three where you can just dig a hole, plant a seed, water the seed and wait for it to grow into a full-grown plant. It requires a significant amount of time, effort and patience to cultivate a garden and nurture it into something beautiful and visually pleasing.

The region of Amarillo in the state of Texas is a very special place. With its extreme heat during the summer and the unpredictable blizzards and freezing temperatures during the winter, Amarillo’s climate poses a challenge to anyone who plants on creating his or her own garden at home. Amarillo’s environment is a unique location but making your own garden here, despite the obstacles, is quite possible.

Creating a garden from scratch is both a challenging and a rewarding experience. But before you do, you have to conduct a considerable amount of research so you have the adequate knowledge and develop the necessary skills to make your own garden.

But what happens when after meticulously following the several steps in gardening, landscaping and taking care of the various elements of the garden, you accidentally commit a grave mistake? Here are your troubleshooting tips on fixing your garden.

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I Want to Save Water, What Do I Do?
The scarcity of water isn’t new in Amarillo. If you want to build a garden, you have to take into account several factors since it involves water supply. If you build a high maintenance garden that requires a significant amount of water to survive, this won’t just affect you, but the entire community since the water supply in Amarillo is limited.

Obtaining external water supply is difficult, furthermore, expensive. Knowing this, you might want to take steps in preserving water while still maintaining the life in your garden. Here are some steps that can help you save water for your garden in Amarillo.

Know When to Water Your Plants – The best time to water plants is the early morning since this allows the plants to obtain the adequate amount of water they need to face the day and evaporation is minimal. Watering midday isn’t advised since water quickly dries out during this time, making it a waster while watering in the late afternoon promotes the growth of fungi and pests that might destroy the plant.

Know How to Water Your Plants – It’s a common mistake that people make when they haphazardly water the plants for the sake of getting it wet. What they don’t know is that the plants aren’t getting hydrated adequately. The proper way of watering plants is making sure that the soil is hydrated enough so that the plants can utilize this water.

Use Water-Saving Plants – Since Amarillo possesses a harsh weather system that is usually hot during the summer, it’s a wise decision to use plants that don’t need a lot of water to survive or plants that are resistant to heat. Compared to other plants, these will not dry up easily and you won’t need to water them quite often. If you’re worrying about how your garden might look bland or uninteresting, they come in different colors to liven up everything in your garden.

I Want to Take Care of the Soil, How Do I Do It?
There are a lot of blunders that most people make out of sheer carelessness. Sometimes, this carelessness leads to long-term damage to the soil or to your garden that can take months or even years to repair. There are things that seem mundane to us that we overlook as to how it affects the soil.

Before any significant damage is done, you need to know how to properly nurture the soil. If that’s the case, you need to learn what are the things that you need to do and things that you shouldn’t do to ensure the soil is at its optimum quality. Here are some measures that you can take to make sure the soil of your garden doesn’t die out.

Don’t Work the Soil When Wet – When soil is manipulate while still wet, it destroys the structure of the soil and can take months to recover. This leaves you with soil that’s sticky and clumped together which is difficult to work with and doesn’t allow roots or seeds of new plants to absorb enough water or even breathe adequately. Before working on the soil, allow it to dry up a little first so that the soil gets a rest period.

Avoid Overworking the Soil – It’s a common problem that a lot of people encounter, especially in arid places like Amarillo. The soil can easily be drained of its nutrients rather quickly in dry areas and can turn a formerly rich and fertile soil into a dead patch of land, preventing any plant growth. For this one, you have to use a common tactic that farmers use like alternating plants with the seasons and utilizing organic fertilizers.

Know When to Fertilize – A common tactic in keeping the soil nourished is by using fertilizers. But the problem that most people make is haphazardly using fertilizers that it ends up being useless. The best time to use fertilizers is after the winter season or spring since fertilizers promote new growth of plants which are perfectly susceptible to the cold weather.

Don’t Overuse Pesticides and Herbicides – Of course, it’s an acceptable measure to fight off those pesky insects or herbs that leech off your garden. However, these are chemical substances that can potentially damage the soil and render it toxic if applied too much. When you use them, make sure to use only what you need.

When it comes to gardening in Amarillo, you have to take into account a lot of things to make sure your plants survive, the soil stays nourished and water is preserved. The hot and desolate climate during the summer or the unpredictable winter could bring a challenge to even the most experienced gardeners. However, knowing these problems and how to get around them, gardening in Amarillo can be an exciting and rewarding experience for you.


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I left America about six weeks ago to fly to England. Being an architect and a lover of history I thought being here would...

Troubleshooting Your Amarillo Garden

If you think gardening is just a walk in the park, then you’re quite mistaken. It’s not as simple as one-two-three where you can...