There’s no doubt in my mind that I am purely blessed to be an architect in England at this time of my life. Throughout my career I have worked in many exotic places such as Africa, India, Greece and many other parts of Europe, but still I am always drawn back to Britain – which my be surprising given my American-Indian heritage.

The biggest draw for me is the historical architecture that blankets these parts – be it the small antiquated hamlets of the country, or the big smoke of good ol’ London.

However, a recent trend has began to disturb me and cause a stir amongst our community here, and that is the old and out-dated electrical wiring of these great buildings causing much fire damage and ultimately destroying our heritage.


It is my opinion that the main cause of these electrical fires is large banks and companies buying up our great buildings and locating their offices there – which in itself is fine, however many companies do not maintain their electrical equipment like computers, printers etc. which is where the problem begins.

While many people do not take their electric bills very seriously, the truth is that the bills for facilities can quickly pile up, especially if the company’s in these buildings are using devices such as computers, which are often at work for many hours in a day. It is then when shortcuts in maintenance begin to occur.

In fact, a lot of this electricity actually comes from improperly maintained devices and appliances, that a London electrician could quickly fix. A friend of mine who operates his printing business from a 50 year old building in Camden used these guys who were very reasonably priced he tells me, and made sure all his appliances were in tip top condition.

But any professional electrician in Greater London or surrounding areas can help decrease your electric usage by as much as 80% depending on the results of your portable appliance test (PAT). And more importantly, ensure that your network of PCs doesn’t burn down one of our great architectural accomplishments.

I’ve done my research, and most appliances tend to deteriorate over time thanks to age as well as the wear and tear of daily use. Proper and regular PAT testing checks the energy consumption of various devices and checks if there are any abnormalities in the electrical flow. Any problems may become an electrical or fire hazard and cause shock and burns if left untreated.

On top of that, the devices are often not efficient in their energy usage and push your bills sky high.

I don’t mean to pick on business owners, there are many irresponsible home owners too that decide to take residence in our listed architectural buildings who need to regularly subject their electrical goods to rigorous testing standards from companies like AC Test Pat Testing that will give your gadgets the once over.

Protecting our architecture aside, the safety of your business, home and family is at stake. Visit homepage for more.